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I remember a time in America when we all knew how to define a Christian – someone who believes in Jesus and tries to follow his example of compassion, truth, inclusion, forgiveness, tolerance, courage and love.  

Many followers of Mendacious (my name for the putative leader of the Republican party – you know to whom I am referring) call themselves Christian Nationalists.  They believe that America should be a Christian nation and feel that it is acceptable to discriminate against people who are not Christians and who do not share their views about morality.  The watchwords for Christian Nationalists are prejudice, intolerance, and exclusion.  I have been shocked and dismayed by the vocal minority of Christians who identify as Nationalists. 


Why am I speaking about religion?  While I currently am not a member of a church, I recall the precepts of Christianity and Jesus from my youth in a Southern Baptist congregation.  I just want voters who believe in truth, compassion, tolerance and love to know that there is a political candidate who stands with them.

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