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We Americans (Democrats, Republicans, and Independents) who put our democracy and constitution before ourselves, know that the current Republican party does not share our values of integrity, love, courage and wisdom.  We know that the Republican party has become a cult that has been taken over and hoodwinked by a leader who cares only for himself.  Current Republican leaders only understand three things:  defeat, defeat and defeat.  We need to go the ballot box and help the Republican party begin its catharsis and become the great party it once was that values integrity, truth and freedom.  The way we can help the Republican party is (excuse my language):  kick their ass in every political race in November 2024.  From Tennessee to Texas, from West Virginia to Washington, from California to Connecticut.  


Some American history

The Republican party was formed in the 1850s from the remnants of the Whig and other parties.  The party was formed with one common theme:  to limit the expansion of slavery and eventually abolish slavery. And they succeeded.  If our nation lives a million years no political party will ever so something as profoundly good as what the Republican Party did in the 1860s.  While the Republicans were trying to end slavery, we, Southern Democrats, started the Civil War and then oppressed our black brothers and sisters for 100 years after the Civil War with Jim Crow laws.  


How things change!  Now, the Democratic party stands for tolerance, gender and racial equality, science, the environment, education, truth, and love-of-country.      

And the once great Republican party now stands for …nothing.  The Republican Party has been hijacked by a man I call “Mendacious.”  You know who I am referring to.  He has made it OK for the Republican party to embrace racism; to denigrate immigrants; to deny climate change; to deny science; to vilify our political opponents, the press and anyone who disagrees with us; to be mean to peaceful law-abiding Americans who are different; and to mock POWs and Gold Star Families.  

Mendacious has spawned a new subset of Republican politicians – the “Cowards.”  Please don’t misunderstand me – I am not referring to the millions of Republicans who are brave, patriotic Americans.  I am referring to the politicians in


Washington and in our state capital who continue to support Mendacious.  These cowards are the antithesis of what I call “real Americans.” Real American men and women stand up to bullies; real American men and women are peaceful and gentle until we need to be strong and courageous; real American men and women put their families, communities and their country before themselves. The Cowards are a disgrace to every American who has fought for our country, and to the heritage of the Republican party.  Their only objective is to remain in office.  They know, in their hearts, that  Mendacious cares nothing for our democracy, constitution and the American people.  And yet they are afraid to confront him because the bully might tweet something bad about them.  I wonder if General Sheridan would have been afraid of a tweet?  Is Taylor Swift afraid of a tweet?  

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