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A contemporary American hero is Taylor Swift.  I knew almost nothing about her until I watched the Miss Americana documentary on Netflix.  As I learned more about her, I began to think, “Wow – a courageous young American.”  In an America in which so few people are willing to stand up for their convictions, Ms. Swift is not afraid of her naysayers.  While I hesitate to predict what Ms. Swift might think of me and my campaign, I will venture to say that we share many of the same views.  


After reading some of her Instagram posts, we agree on the following: 

  • that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is wrong;

  • we both want to stop mass shootings like at Parkland High School and Covenant School;

  • we both supported Phil Bredesen for the Senate;

  • we both think that systemic racism is wrong;

  • we both hold the same opinion of Marsha Blackburn - that Marsha’s values are not our values;

  • we both hold similar views about our last president;

  • and we are both are pro-choice. 


General Sheridan’s famous line was, “Come Up to the Front”. Ms. Swift probably has many more famous lines and lyrics in her life ahead.  For now, her most memorable line for me is, “Only the Young Can Run.”

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